Episode 2 of Living G Free in NYC

Tu-Lu’s Gluten-Free Bakery

I’m delighted to feature Tu-Lu’s Gluten Free Bakery in our second episode of Living G Free in NYC. We had a great time visiting the small and mighty bakery and getting to know co-owner Jennifer Wells. Her excitement and passion about her bakery make it easy to understand why Tu-Lu’s has such a loyal following.

Jennifer was extremely generous and gave myself and the ENTIRE CREW several delicious G Free treats to try. It’s no surprise that there was not a single complaint in the bunch – just lots of big smiles and happy tummies!!! We had several non G Free crew members raving about the cupcakes “You sure this is Gluten Free?” and our Director of Photographer Kahleem Poole went nuts over the Vegan Agave Brownie.


My personal favorite was the Cinnamon Coffee Cake – Oh it was soooo good, I highly recommend it!

Tu-Lu's Coffee Cake

Tu-Lu’s Coffee Cake

With Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Vegan options, Tu-Lu’s is able to cater to many types of patrons. The NYC location was so successful that they have since opened two other stores in Dallas Texas.  For those of you interested in sampling Tu-Lu’s amazing baked goodies but unable to make it NYC or Dallas in person, don’t worry. Just visit Tu-Lu’s website to order many of their products online.

tu lus goodies

However if you do live in NYC and are looking for some amazing Gluten Free baked goods, head down to the East Village and stop by Tu-Lu’s Gluten Free Bakery. Be sure to let Jennifer and her staff know you heard about them here on Living G Free in NYC!


Tu-Lu’s Gluten-Free Bakery New York

338 East 11th Street
New York, NY 10003


Sunday-Thursday 10:30 am – 10:00 pm
Friday, Saturday & Sunday 10:30 am – 10:30 pm

Tu-Lu's New York



IT’S LAUNCH TIME – Episode 1 of Living G Free in NYC

Ladies and Gentleman, the day we’ve all been waiting for is finally here…

Episode 1 of Living G Free in NYC: Pip’s Place – The Gluten Free Cakery

We had a wonderful time featuring Pip’s Place and owner Denise Cumming in our first episode. We even had the special honor of meeting “Pippi” herself!  Denise is a lovely woman inside and out who is extremely passionate about her products and the G Free community. I encourage you all to find the time to take a trip to this unique “Cakery.” With so many amazing G Free goodies to offer, you can’t go wrong. Everything I tasted (and my whole crew for that matter) was DELICIOUS but for something extra special,  I recommend trying the decadent Heath Bar Squares – so rich and heavenly.

Heath Bar Square

Heath Bar Square

And there’s great news for non-New Yorkers – all of Pip’s Place products (except layer cakes) can be ordered online and shipped anywhere in the country! That’s right, if you live in Oklahoma, California, or Texas, you can still get a taste of some of New York’s best G Free baked goods!

I also want to thank everyone who helped make this show a reality. My partners in crime and film crew – Justin Liebergen, Rafael Rivera, Kahleem Pole, Jose Luis Revelo, Kareem Walkes, Malcom Saunders, Jon Olsen, Chris Watson, Edmar Flores, Eliot Banks, and Ethan Christy, and to Denise Cumming and the Brooks Group. Thank you all.

We have Episode 2 coming up soon so stay tuned. And until then, check out Pip’s Place online or in person and be sure to say you heard about them here on Living G Free in NYC.

The Gluten Free Bakery in NYC is Pip's Place

1729-31 1st Avnue (b/w 89th and 90th)

New York, NY 10128



Hours of Operation

Mon. – Fri.   7am – 8pm

Saturday 8am – 8pm

Sunday 9am -9pm



Taste of Christmas Cookie Walk – GLUTEN FREE

What are you doing this weekend in the city?

If you have some free time on Saturday the 8th or Sunday the 9th, swing by the St. Nicholas Cookie Walk. Big thanks to Erin Smith over at the NYC Celiac Disease Meet Up Group for putting this event on my radar.

From  http://www.stnicholascookiewalk.com/

“At St. Nicholas Church, gluten-free food preparation is the norm. There are several parishioners with celiac disease, three of us who are bakers for the Cookie Walk. This year, we will be having a separate section with GF Christmas delights. You will be able to fill a box with the delicious confections just like the regular Cookie Walk but with the peace of mind that they have been homebaked for you GF. Enjoy!”

I plan to stop by Sunday morning. Hope some of you can make it.



Gluten Free Conversion Chart

Trying to figure out how to convert your grandmothers famous Christmas Cookie recipe into a Gluten Free version? Try some of the substitutions listed below.

With the Holiday season upon us and invitations to parties and family gatherings pouring in, I thought I would share this helpful Gluten Free Conversion Guide from http://www.gygi.com/blog.   Here’s to making some delicious goodies in the next few weeks that all can enjoy!

“Tis the Season”

G Free conversion chart

A Long Overdue Update

Hello All,

Well the summer has come and gone and unfortunately we were unable to release our web series in the time frame we originally intended. Some amazing theatrical and commercial gigs came my way as well as some unbelievable opportunities for our talented crew. However, I am happy to report that we are all back at work on Living G Free in NYC and are focused on getting our episodes completed and up by the end of the year. I feel confident that we can achieve this new goal!!

I’d like to publicly thank the amazing Jose Luis Revelo for the fantastic theme song he created for Living G Free. The music adds to the energy and feel of the show and I hope we can continue to collaborate in the future. Justin Liebergen, our fantastic director and editor, also deserves a major shout out for his hard work on crafting these episodes.  (And if you want to see what’s been keeping him busy, check out http://www.vashandjustin.com)

Keep checking back as I plan to make more frequent posts and updates about our release date. We’re getting close!


On location in the Flat Iron district saying NO to gluten.

JCB Consulting and Get Fresh Bakehouse

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of chatting with Barbara Callanan on the phone. She’s a professional chef and owner of JCB Consulting  where they make “Gluten Free, Worry Free” by providing assistance in creating gluten free dietary solutions for individuals, schools, hospitals, and restaurants. They are doing some great work! You can check them out online  www.consultjcb.com

During our conversation Barbara told me about a new G Free Bakery she was working with in New Jersey and a week later a box arrived from Get Fresh Bakehouse full of all kinds of amazing baked goods to try!!

Look inside!!!
As the RUNAWAY WINNER for the Best GF Chocolate Chip Cookie in Oprah’s Gluten Free cookie Taste Test in August 2011, I was super excited to try these baked goodies.
Time to get to work.  First up  – the cookies.
In my lovely G Free package I found the Midnight 2x Chip Cookiedark chocolate cookies with semi-sweet and white chocolate chips, the Bill’s Excellent Butterscotch Sugar Cookiea little butterscotch, some walnuts, and a touch of salt dress of these flavorful cookies, the Oatmeal + CookieGluten Free oatmeal cookies chock full of cranberries and white chocolate chips, and the Chocolate Chip Cookie – a classic Chocolate Chip Cookie.
The Midnight which was just as decadent and rich as it’s name suggests. Bill’s Butterscotch was delicious. You can see and taste the butterscotch and walnuts and all that sugar right on top…yum.  The Oatmeal cookie was a littler lighter, super moist, and I loved the cranberries. And the Chocolate Chip was exactly what you’d want from a classic chocolate chip cookie. My personal favorite was the Oatmeal + Cookie which seemed to be the lightest of the four and as I mentioned I loved the cranberries!
I also loved that each cookie came individually wrapped.  I kept the whole box in the refrigerator for a few days before trying them and I think that’s what allowed them to remain so soft and moist.
Next up the Blondie and the Brownie!
Now let me begin by saying these babies are RICH!  Phew one bite was about all I could handle – that may also be because I just sampled all of the cookies. I personally preferred the Brownie to the Blondie but both were too rich for me.
All the FreshHouse baked goods tasted amazing so it’s no surprise they won Oprah’s contest based on taste. However with that amazing RICH taste comes a SUPER HIGH fat and calorie count!
1 Brownie – 24 g of fat, 480 calories
1 Blondie – 34 g of fat, 540 calories
1 Chocolate Chip Cookie – 16 g of fat, 300 calories
1 Bill’s Butterschotch – 18 g of fat, 340 calories…
So while these delicious G Free baked goods would make a great special treat, they are not the type of thing I’d eat every day.
Get Fresh Bakehouse also carries fresh Breads and cupcakes and is set up to ship orders anywhere in the U.S. For more information visit them online at http://getfreshbakehouse.com.

Sour Patch Kids ruined my party

The Sour Patch Kids commercial spot I shot last month has been released!

It was improve based and Matt Hurley and I tried it a bunch of different ways so I was excited to see how it turned out.

I’ve posted the link below ONE – because it’s cute and TWO – because Sour Patch Kids are Gluten Free!

Day 3 of Filming – Beautiful NYC

So our DP Kahleem and I went out to shoot B-roll today.  For those of you who are not familiar with the term “B-roll,” it basically means supplimental footage – images of people crossing the street, famous buildings or landmarks, cars driving by… that sort of thing. We had a wonderful day and captured some fabulous images to use on the show. It also reminded me just how BEAUTIFUL New York City really is. When you live in the city and lead a crazy busy life, it’s often hard to slow down and really take in everything that’s around you. It was so special to spend the day walking around NYC looking for beautiful images and capture on camera.

I pulled my iPhone out a few times… thought I’d share.

Puzzle Piece Found – Welcome composer Jose Luis Revelo

I am beyond excited to announce that Jose Luis Revelo will be the composer for our show.

Jose is a Grammy nominated, NYC based, musician, composer, writer, producer and Living G Free in NYC  is something he does everyday! We feel he’s a perfect fit for our team and can’t wait to hear what he creates for this project. For more information about his work including his music for Ads, Film and TV,  visit his website at http://jlrevelo.com